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Who We Are?

FOUR ROOMZ is an all in one visual solution for any company or private individual. 

Our unique solution offers clients four different services that is strategically prepared per client and includes: photography, design, crossing live and community.

All these unique and specialized aspects form your total all in one solution. THE FOUR ROOMZ SERVICE.

These entities and services can be offered individually or as a whole FOUR ROOMZ experience to give the ultimate  visual solution. 





Liza van Deventer & Adrian de Kock | Founders

"The jump that started it all" ... CNN African Journalist of the Year 2013 - Mohamid Amin Photographer of the year award. Picture: Adrian de Kock / The Star


PHOTOGRAPHY is an ever changing art form, and we at FOUR ROOMZ make sure to stay at the fore front of these changes and adapt to satisfy our clients needs. We offer a range of photographic services, including studio, portraiture, documentary, architecture, food and decor, fashion, theatre and sport. Our experience is based in the unfailing tradition of film and dark room printing taking this further into the new and innovative digital era. We adapt a documentary style of picture taking to capture the real experience of the event.


Our DESIGN service services include but is not limited to logo design (includes stationery templates), and a total brand identity for any corporate or private individual. We offer services in design and re-design of any web site using our experience and know-how of technology to make your web site unique and suiting all your needs as well as those of your clients and potential clients.


If you are a media company, Crossing Live can give you a huge digital edge over the competition, putting you in touch with your audience directly, immediately, and affordably. It used to be that only well-resourced television crews with OB vans and a satellite uplink were able to provide live coverage of an event. No longer. With Crossing Live's technical know-how, a conventional DSLR camera can be converted to a video camera that can transmit live feed to your media company's website. In fact, the photographer will be able to take conventional pictures and video simultaneously. We can also upload footage taken on cellphones with a micro-HDMI port to the live feed. Be it an inauguration, an air show or major news event like the recent student protests, your audience can watch events as they unfold from multiple sources. Expand your audience and you can expand your advertising revenue. Crossing Live can provide a facilitator to show you how to switch between camera feeds, and we can provide an additional videographer on the scene. Put your audience in the moment, and take your company into the future with Crossing Live.


COMMUNITY refers to ways of gives back wherever we can. We are involved with local communities in different areas such as the news photography, editorial photography and special events and we realize our corporate responsibly to give back and try to make a better live for those in need. We have identified a few projects that are close to our hearts, one of which is the Community Kite Foundation based in the townships in the Western Cape. The projects can be diversified to include townships across South Africa, but the Western Cape will be the starting point. Encouraging other children to fly kites in their area and encourage others to follow their enthusiasm. Establish photographers / videographers within the community to photograph the kite flying. This will include partners in the industry to empower the individuals to participate in the project and process. We are also very involved in Breast Cancer awareness and have identified a few projects specifically focussing on this very important and relevant issue.